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Plant and Soil Science Concentration
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100. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE I. (3, 0, 3). Global s urvey of environmental issues from the perspective of resource sustainability.

110. ORIENTATION TO APPLIED LIFE SCIENCES. (1, 0, 1). Introduction to the role of the applied life sciences in fostering a sustainable future and enhancing quality of life.

150. PLANT SCIENCE (3, 0, 3). Introduction to the scientific principals of growth, reporduction, commerical usage, and envirnomental impact of plants.

151. PLANT SCIENCE LABORATORY (0, 2, 1). Coreq: RRES 150. Restr: Available to RRES majors only.

180. MICRO-COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN RENEWABLE RESOURCES. (2, 2, 3). A project-oriented introduction to current word processing and spreadsheets applicable to renewable resources. Sp., Fa. Restr: Renewable Resource majors only. Must type a minimum of 25 wpm.

285. SOIL SCIENCE. (3, 2, 4). Introduction to physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. Sp. Prereq: CHEM 101 or 107 or permission of instructor.

301. AGRICULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATIONS. (1, 0, 1). Professional oral and written communications, career resources/opportunities, and securing employment in Renewable Resource fields. Sp., Fa. Prereq: RRES 110.

331. FORAGE CROP MANAGEMENT. (3, 0, 3). Grassland plants and management systems operative in utilization of natural and cultivated grasslands by domestic animals. Prereq: RRES 250 and 285.

335. SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. (3, 0, 3). Application of ecosystem biology for developing environmentally sound methods in renewable production of food and fiber. Sp Prereq: RRES 250.

350. WORLD AGRONOMIC CROPS. (3, 0, 3). A study of the global distribution, cultivation, usage and environmental impact of various Field crops. Fa. Prereq: RRES 250.

365. PLANT PROPAGATION. (2, 2, 3). Current plant reproduction techniques to replenish the natural resources of world crops. Sp. Odd numbered years. Prereq: RRES 250.

368. TURFGRASS MANAGEMENT. (3, 2, 4). Solution, establishment, and maintenance of grass species for special use areas such as athletic fields, parks, and lawns. Emphasis on alternative practice that ensures environmental quality. Prereq: RRES 250 or consent of instructor. Sp.

370. ENVIRONMENTAL CROP PHYSIOLOGY. (3, 0, 3). Basic principles concerning the growth, development and management of plants and plant communities in relation to their environment. Prereq: RRES 250.

371. AGRIBUSINESS MARKETING. (3, 0, 3). Organization, function, cost, information and regulation of food and fiber markets. Fa.

390. SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION. (3, 0, 3). Impact of soil erosion and sedimentation on land use and water quality; emphasis on conservation design and planning. Sp. Prereq: RRES 285 or permission of instructor.


400. CONSULTING AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS. (1, 0, 1). Instruction and practice in professionalism, career development, and application of skills in Renewable Resource fields. Fa., Sp. Prereq: RRES 301.

403. AGRIBUSINESS MANAGEMENT. (3, 0, 3). Case analysis of organization and operation of the agribusiness firm, integrating concepts of agricultural economics, accounting, finance, marketing, management. Restr: Agribusiness major or permission of instructor. Sp.

440. SURVEY OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. (2, 2, 3). Improving the production of food and fiber with the genetic enhancement of commercially important plants and animals. Sp.

472. RENEWABLE RESOURCES INTERNSHIP. (3). Supervised work-study in the field of renewable resources. Restr: Permission of instructor. Juniors or Seniors in RRES only.

480(G). INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT. (3, 0, 3). Strategies for developing a pest management program incorporating biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical practices for renewable resources. Fa Even numbered years. Prereq: RRES 250. Coreq: RRES 488.

490(G). ENVIRONMENTAL PEDOLOGY. (3, 0, 3). Soil-solute interactions occurring as a result of natural and human activities. Sp. Odd numbered years. Prereq: RRES 285 or permission of instructor.

493(G). SOIL-PLANT RELATIONSHIPS. (3, 0, 3). Chemical, biological and physical properties of soils in relation to nutrient cycling and plant growth, including evaluation of soil supplements. Sp. Even numbered years. Prereq: RRES 285 or permission of instructor.

495(G). SOIL GENESIS AND SURVEY. (3, 0, 3). Formation, distribution and classification of soils as natural bodies. Fa. Even numbered years. Non-majors must seek permission of instructor.

498(G). SOIL BIOLOGY. (3, 0, 3). Role of plants, animals and microbes in soil generation and the biochemical transformations in soil ecosystems; required for plant nutrition. Fa. Odd numbered years. Prereq: RRES 285 or permission of instructor.

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